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The following is the guidance you will need to start your new business. We suggest that you work with your sponsor and this check list to get the very best start possible. 

We recommend that you download and print this document:

Join Facebook groups

The Very Essence

Product community

Welcome to The Very Essence - 60 Day Start

Support for Sharers

doTERRA Europe

Corporate updates page

TVE - Builders

Business community - Please ask your enroller to invite you to this group

Bookmark the following websites

Official website

Source to you

Product sourcing information


Corporate training and tools


Team community

Extra training videos - after those in the online training area 



Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP)

Effective Sampling

Effective Sampling (2)

Example of a class

Holding a consultation

Holding a consultation

Finding hosted classes

Useful Links

  • Sample as many on your 100 list as possible

  • Schedule 2 observation classes with your sponsor within the first 2 weeks

  • Book your launch to be held within the first 2 weeks

  • Book 4 classes / 1-2-1s in the diary per your personal success plan

  • Start Personal Development

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