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doTERRA have lots of resources to help us do our job, here are a selection of the best to help you get started. 




One of the most important things you need to launch this business is oils, you need to live the life you talk about, AND LOVE IT!

Our advocates are so passionate about the essential oils and the doTERRA business and it is so clear to see, this is a large part of what makes us different, passion! 

So get those oils into your life, start loving them, appreciating them and learning about them each and every day. 


An essential oil reference book and/or App

Modern Essentials book or The Essential Life book. These can both be purchased from

There is also a very good app which you can purchase from your app store. It's called modern essentials plus and is an excellent tool for looking up ailments etc. on the go! 

It is really important to understand that nobody is an expert! There are Doctors, Scientists, Biomedics and researchers that are employed by doTERRA so we can have the best education on essential oils in the world, but we don't all know the information off the top of our heads, and that's ok as long as we have the right resources to hand to help people. 


Sample Vials

These are 1 or 2ml bottles which are perfect for making up your samples to share with others.


You can purchase these from your back office at; or from Essential Oil Supplies.


Coconut oil

It is a good idea to have carrier oil when you start using the oils as some oils are quite strong and need to be diluted. Coconut oil is the one we recommend as it complements the chemistry of the oils and does not have a strong odour. You can purchase this from your doTERRA virtual office at



Tear pads 

These are an excellent resource to help teach classes especially at the beginning. There are a variety of tear pads to choose from. I would recommend choosing either, ‘products made simple’ or ‘Edge Success medicine cabinet’ to begin with as these are both designed to go alongside the intro class. These can both be purchased at essential oil supplies. 

A-Z booklets 

These are a handy tool to have especially when you are sampling. They are small enough to fit into a handbag and is a simplified reference guide showing very quickly which oils can be used for specific ailments. They can be given with a sample of just used to show others how amazing the oils are and help those you share with decide which oil sample they would like. These can also be purchased as a pack of ten from from 


Lavender bags 

This is not an essential item but quite a nice touch when handing out a sample. The sample vials fits nicely in these bags and can also have a tag attached to them with instructions on how to use the sample. It adds a professional touch! These bags can be purchased from amazon. 

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